Bank Statement Mortgage Programs


Personal Statements or Business Account Statements

No tax Returns Required

Credit scores Starting at 600

Up to 95% Loan To Value

Only 12 months bank statements (Personal or Business)

2 years seasoning on Short sale or Foreclosure

Loans up to $3 million

Owner-Occupied, Second Homes and Investment Properties

Loans for Purchase, Refinance and Cash-Out

You Must Be Self Employed for at Least 2 Years

How We Determine Your Monthly Income

We use 12 months of Total Deposits (no refunds counted) to your Bank Checking Account - Only one account will be used.  That total is divided by 12 to determine the qualifying monthly average.  For Personal Accounts we use 100% of the qualifying deposits - for Business Accounts we use 50% of the deposits.  If your expenses are lower than 50% we can use a letter from your accountant to determine expense percentages.  The remaining is Considered your Income for Qualifying.

How Much Can I Be Approved For?

You will be qualified for up to 50% total debt to your income.  We count the new mortgage payment, insurance and taxes and all minimum credit payments for credit cards, car loans, student loans etc.

How You Can Get Pre-Approved?

Click Apply Now and fill out the Complete Application - It's Fast and Easy. 

What is the Interest Rate?

Personal or Business Bank Statement Program rates are determined by your credit scores and your down payment.

There is NO PMI with this loan.

We offer a 30 year Fixed Rate Loans - Interest Only or Fully Amortized over 30 Years.
Interest rates start at 4.99% with no prepayment penalty for high credit and down payment borrowers. Call or text me for the down payment and interest rate for your scenario.